Meet our Summer Students: Cameron Weston

Funded through the Federal and Provincial Government employment programs, Lower Trent Conservation has hired 7 post-secondary students for the summer. These opportunities give students on-the-job experience related to their field of study.

Overall I think this summer will be a good learning experience for upcoming things in school for my program, and I think I will learn lots of handy things from the guys I work with.

Name: Cameron Weston
Area of Study: Environmental Technologist
Current School: Loyalist College
Job Title: Conservation Lands Staff Student

This summer, Cameron joins the Conservation Lands staff as a summer student at Lower Trent Conservation. His job includes grass cutting, clearing hazardous trees, cleaning up our properties, and maintaining trails at any one of our 10 Conservation Areas.

The first impression Cameron had of his job was that it was going to be fun and enjoyable! Working in this position allows him to complete hands on work and be outside every day.

When asked what his favourite moment of the job so far was, Cameron says it was getting the chance to build a bridge at Bleasdell Boulder Conservation Area.

Outside of working for Lower Trent Conservation, Cameron’s hobbies include playing sports like golf, hockey, and football, hanging out with his friends, and being outdoors.

P1100347.1Finally, when asked about why he wanted to work for Lower Trent Conservation, Cameron explains,

“I wanted to work for the Conservation Authority because the work experience will tie with the Environmental Technologist program at Loyalist College I will be starting in September. As well, I enjoy being outdoors and doing hands on work, which we do a lot of.”


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