Saying Goodbye to our Summer Students

Every summer our office gets a breath of fresh air and new life – an influx of students bounding with energy and ideas. The office hums with activity. This summer was no different as we welcomed seven bright and talented post-secondary students to Lower Trent Conservation. Hopefully you have already met them by reading our previous blogs.

There’s ….

  • Isaac Noyes, (University of Waterloo) – helping to clean up the Bay of Quinte through various landowner incentive programs
  • Kayla Moore (University of Guelph) – spreading the word about invasive species to help stop their spread!
  • Alexandra Foxon (School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences, Fleming College) & Jenna Williamson (University of Victoria) – carrying out various environmental monitoring programs – both water quality & quantity, and surface water & ground water
  • Brody Brown (St. Lawrence College) & Cameron Weston (Loyalist College) – keeping our Conservation Areas clean and green
  • Sam Nurse (Carleton University) – involved in a myriad of communications & education activities

P1100606Lower Trent Conservation has a symbiotic relationship with its students – we both benefit! Lower Trent Conservation gets lots of projects done that we would not have accomplished without them. Most of our monitoring programs would not be doable, our education and outreach would be limited, and some of our special projects would be difficult to complete. And the grass would be VERY long in our Conservation Areas! The students benefit as well – they get paid plus have the opportunity to learn new skills, participate in training, and network with staff and others in the environmental field. And they get to work for a pretty cool organization!

As summer winds down, we will say farewell as this industrious crew return to school to continue to sharpen their skills and fill their tool boxes. Our hope is that their experiences here at Lower Trent Conservation were good ones and that we have helped to broaden their conservation knowledge and shape their future career paths. Maybe we will see them again next summer, or maybe we will follow their careers as they take on the world. These seven young people and their contemporaries are our future – movers and shakers, and tomorrow’s leaders. I think we are in good hands.

A BIG THANK YOU to these seven individuals for their contributions to the Lower Trent Conservation program, and to the Federal and Provincial Government employment programs for contributing funding to make these employment opportunities possible.

Glenda J. Rodgers
Chief Administrative Officer
Lower Trent ConservationP1100609

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