’50 in 50′ Series: Birth of Lower Trent Conservation’s Dedicated Fund Development Program (2016)


Lower Trent Conservation is celebrating its 50th anniversary! To commemorate this milestone occasion, we have released our ’50 in 50′ historical blog series. This special series features 50 articles highlighting some of the achievements, milestones and events of the past 50 years. We hope you enjoy them!

Since its formation in 1968, Lower Trent Conservation has welcomed numerous contributions of time, talent, gifts-in-kind, and monies to assist in the ongoing support of its conservation programs and services. In 2016, our organization received a very generous gift of $100,000 from an anonymous donor along with a promise to donate the same amount in 2017 and again in 2018, for a total contribution of $300,000 over three years!

LTC Giving Tree (2018).jpg
The Giving Tree – donor recognition at the LTC office

The purpose of this special funding was two-fold. First, 40% of the money was dedicated to supporting our ‘Connecting KIDS with Nature’ youth environmental education initiatives. The remaining 60% was earmarked to develop a dedicated fund development program with the vision of building and sustaining our youth environmental education into the future. Youth environmental education, an important watershed program, is not currently funded by traditional government sources. Youth environmental education programs like Caring for Our Watersheds™, Tri-County Children’s Water Festival, and in-school programming are only made possible through donations and grants.

CRH Canada Group Inc donation to Lower Trent Conservation.JPG
CRH Canada Group Inc. donation to Lower Trent Conservation (2017)
Rotary Club of Stirling Donates to Connecting Kids with Nature Nov 22 2017.JPG
Rotary Club of Stirling donates to Connecting Kids with Nature (2017)

We are all touched by the beauty of our natural world. Some of our most precious life moments happen in the great outdoors – outdoor adventures, summers camping or at the cottage, fun-filled times spent with family and friends, tranquil moments, or perhaps even spiritual experiences. To ensure these traditions continue, please consider a gift in support of Lower Trent Conservation’s environmental and conservation initiatives. Gifts to our charitable organization help to ensure that the natural beauty and delicate ecosystems so abundant in our region are protected and preserved for future generations.

To learn more visit our website at www.ltc.on.ca.

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