Summer Student Reflections

Lower Trent Conservation’s operations this summer were bolstered with the arrival of six summer students thanks to federal and provincial employment programs. Acquiring summer students is a tradition lasting decades for the organization, as it is a genuine opportunity for both parties to grow. Students have the ability to work under professionals in there aspiring fields, as well… Read More Summer Student Reflections

Hickory Tussock Moth – AKA the black and white caterpillar

It’ been a big year for the Hickory Tussock Moth caterpillar. Higher-than-usual numbers of the fluffy white larvae with black markings have gained notoriety this summer as they have frequently been spotted in parks, yards and other naturalized areas. The Hickory Tussock Moth is a species of Tiger moth that is native to Ontario. Larvae… Read More Hickory Tussock Moth – AKA the black and white caterpillar

Meet our Summer Students: Samantha Nurse

Funded through the Federal and Provincial Government employment programs, Lower Trent Conservation has hired 7 post-secondary students for the summer. These opportunities give students on-the-job experience related to their field of study. Name: Samantha Nurse Area of Study: Environmental Studies Current School: Carleton University Job Title: Conservation Area Events and Marketing Assistant Samantha, or Sam,… Read More Meet our Summer Students: Samantha Nurse