Meet our Summer Students: Kayla Moore

Funded through the Federal and Provincial Government employment programs, Lower Trent Conservation has hired 7 post-secondary students for the summer. These opportunities give students on-the-job experience related to their field of study.

Kayla Portrait
I have loved every moment on the job this summer and I appreciate Lower Trent Conservation giving me this opportunity.

Name: Kayla Moore
Area of Study: Marine and Freshwater Biology
Current School: University of Guelph
Job Title: Invasive Species Community Outreach Liaison

This summer, Kayla joins Lower Trent Conservation as an Invasive Species Community Outreach Liaison. Kayla will be carrying out various activities that will help make people aware of invasive species and what they can do to help stop their spread. She will be attending special events, visiting day camps, contacting local businesses, and conducting field work to monitor for invasive species.

Kayla’s first impressions of the job was that she loved how diverse the work is. She found that every day is different which keeps it interesting.

Aside from working at Lower Trent Conservation, Kayla enjoys travelling, reading, kayaking, swimming, scuba diving, and spending time with her friends and family.

When asked about her favourite moment on the job, Kayla says, “When I was sampling for Rusty Crayfish and a muskrat swam right beside me in the river. Such an exciting moment!”Field Work (2)

Why did Kayla want to work for Lower Trent Conservation?

“I love being outside and working with wildlife. I also think that protecting our natural heritage is a worthy cause and it is refreshing to work with intelligent, like-minded people.”



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