’50 in 50′ Series: Flood Control Structures – Protecting People & Property (1980s)


Lower Trent Conservation is celebrating its 50th anniversary! To commemorate this milestone occasion, we have released our ’50 in 50′ historical blog series. This special series features 50 articles highlighting some of the achievements, milestones and events of the past 50 years. We hope you enjoy them!

Many of the urban centres within the Lower Trent watershed region were settled along river valleys and in close proximity to watercourses. While there were many benefits to locating in these places, there were also risks from flooding and erosion.

Looking downstream from glen ross apr 08 c
Looking downstream along the Trent River at Glen Ross, ON

Following the flood of March 1980, Lower Trent Conservation spent the next 10 years focused on constructing various flood protection projects to protect people and existing homes and businesses from future flooding. Ten flood and erosion control projects were built in various municipalities throughout the watershed.

Creek work to continue in 2918_article1980

Kings Mill Improvements
Flood protection improvements underway at Kings Mill, Stirling-Rawdon ON (circa 1980s)

Grants were provided by the Province of Ontario to implement these projects with the remaining funds coming from the individual municipalities that directly benefited from the project. Flood protection projects include a dam, flood walls, berms, weirs, and by-pass channels located in Trenton, Brighton, Campbellford, Hastings, Warkworth, Stirling, and Frankford.

Trout Creek Flood Reduction 1968

Trout Creek- Capital works
Trout Creek capital works project (Circa 1980s)

As most of these structures were constructed over 30 years ago, a maintenance program and yearly inspections are required to ensure that they are in good condition and continue to function as originally designed to protect lives and property in the event of a severe flood.

Construction of a flood wall in Warkworth, ON as part of a capital works project (1982)
Channel improvements

Summary of Flood Protection & Erosion Control Structures:

  • Burnley/Mill Creek (Warkworth) Flood Control: dam (1972, 1991) & flood wall (1982)
  • DND Creek (Trenton) Flood Control: berm & gabion channel (1981)
  • Cold Creek (Frankford) Flood & Erosion Control: berm & channel improvements (1982)
  • Mayhew Creek (Barry Heights – Trenton) Flood Control: channel improvements (1982-1984)
  • Mayhew Creek (Trenton) Flood Control: by-pass channel, weirs & berms (1985-1986)
  • Glen Miller Creek (Trenton) Flood Control: berm & channel improvements (1983-1984)
  • Trent River (Trenton) Flood Control: berm (1986)
  • Rawdon Creek (Stirling) Flood & Erosion Control: gabion channel ( 1980-1981), flood wall, berm & weir (1986-1988)
  • Trout Creek (Campbellford) Flood Control: flood wall & channel improvements (1986-1988)
  • Killoran Creek (Hastings) Flood Control: flood wall & channel improvements (1986-1987)

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