Meet our Summer Students: Alexandra Foxon

Funded through the Federal and Provincial Government employment programs, Lower Trent Conservation has hired 7 post-secondary students for the summer. These opportunities give students on-the-job experience related to their field of study.

I admire their work, and I am thrilled to be able to contribute to the research that is essential to maintaining and improving the health of the Lower Trent watershed region.

Name: Alexandra Foxon
Area of Study: Ecosystem Management Technology
Current School: School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences, Fleming College
Job Title: Assistant Water Resources Technician

This summer, Alexandra is working at Lower Trent Conservation as an Assistant Water Resource Technician. Her job involves various environmental monitoring activities such as collection and analysis of benthic data, stream flow measurements, surface water quality sampling, and groundwater monitoring. Much of the data contributes to various provincial water monitoring programs including: Provincial Water Quality Monitoring Network; Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network; and the Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network.

After the first few weeks of work, Alexandra discovered that monitoring allows Lower Trent Conservation to obtain critical data on watershed systems. This data assists in the understanding of watershed features and how they function as a whole. Alexandra has also learned the importance of protocols, sound research, and proper sampling methodology.

Aside from working at Lower Trent Conservation, Alexandra enjoys traveling with friends and family, going camping, and doing yoga. One interesting fact about her is that her favorite drink is water!P1100434

When asked what has been her favourite moment on the job so far, Alexandra says,

“My favourite moment on the job occurred in the last week of June while I was sampling in Grafton at Squires-Hoards Creek with two co-workers. We were walking upstream when we spotted a Sea Lamprey – an invasive species! We were able to catch the invader, and we reported our sighting to the Invading Species Hotline”.

Overall, Alexandra has always wanted to work for a community-based environmental agency, making Lower Trent Conservation a perfect fit.

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