’50 in 50′ Series: Conservation Strategy (1993)



Lower Trent Conservation is celebrating its 50th anniversary! To commemorate this milestone occasion, we have released our ’50 in 50′ historical blog series. This special series features 50 articles highlighting some of the achievements, milestones and events of the past 50 years. We hope you enjoy them!

In 1993, Lower Trent Conservation released its first strategic plan – our Conservation Strategy. In developing this plan, we did a little navel-gazing, and made recommendations that would guide the business operations of the organization. We established our first Vision Statement:  Local Leaders in Conservation – working with others for healthy watersheds with natural areas for all to share. The strategic plan set out how we would achieve our vision including how we would work with others and how we would finance our conservation program. The plan was developed through extensive public consultation with the help of Pickard & Laws Consulting Group Inc.

Prior to that, the Conservation Authority was guided by the 1970 Conservation Report, prepared by the Provincial Department of Energy and Resources Management shortly after the Authority was formed, and the 1983 Watershed Plan. These documents made recommendations for addressing natural resource management issues, but didn’t deal with the organization itself.

LTC CR 1970.pngThis year, fifty years since Lower Trent Conservation was formed, we are releasing a new Strategic Plan. This document sets out new vision and mission statements, and addresses both organizational and environmental priorities. It is intended to lead the Conservation Authority through the next 10 years. This Plan was developed in-house in consultation with municipalities, other agencies and organizations, and the general public.

Pages from Strategic Plan 2018 reduced.png

The new vision statement – Healthy Watersheds for Healthy Communities – exemplifies the link between a healthy environment and the economic and social health of our communities, as well as the physical and mental health of the people who live here.

Our new mission statement is To protect land, water and living things by working with and inspiring others. It sets out our reason for being, to protect the local environment, and it recognizes that we can’t do it alone. We need to encourage others to take environmental action and work with other partners to achieve our goals.

A strategic plan is a critical document for an organization. Our 1993 Conservation Strategy served us well and we are excited about the release of our new Strategic Plan. It will help us establish our annual priorities and guide our future actions.

cover page gradient.png


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