Meet our Summer Students: Jenna Williamson

Funded through the Federal and Provincial Government employment programs, Lower Trent Conservation has hired 7 post-secondary students for the summer. These opportunities give students on-the-job experience related to their field of study.

Water is such an important resource and monitoring water quality in our watershed through the use of bio-indicators set the precedent for an amazing summer!

Name: Jenna Williamson
Area of Study: Bachelor of Education
Current School: University of Victoria
Job Title: Assistant Water Resources Technician

This summer Jenna joins Lower Trent Conservation as one of our Assistant Water Resources Technicians. As part of this job, Jenna is involved in various environmental monitoring activities such as collection and analysis of benthic data, stream flow measurements, surface water quality sampling, and groundwater monitoring. Much of the data contributes to various provincial water monitoring programs including: Provincial Water Quality Monitoring Network; Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network; and the Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network.

Jenna’s first impressions of the job was that it was very rewarding as she was not only spending time in the field, but also contributing to the collection of important data that assists our watershed.

Her favourite moment on the job so far? Jenna says,

“My favourite moment on the job was watching five juvenile foxes play outside the Lower Trent Conservation office. I was loading sampling gear into the truck when all five foxes caught me off guard as they came bounding out of the long grass near the parking lot. I quickly ran inside to call my coworkers to come see them! One of the foxes was jet black with just a tiny bit of white on the tip of his tail. Watching them play and rough-house was a real treat!”

Aside from working at Lower Trent Conservation, Jenna enjoys spending time in nature, whether it’s walking, hiking, or exploring local green areas. An interesting fact about her is that no matter where she has traveled, she has loved the coast P1100412because of the culture and diverse terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Why did Jenna want to work for Lower Trent Conservation?

“Two of my biggest passions are water quality and being outside, so being able to work in this field and help monitor and protect our water resources was what prompted me to want to work here. There is a great collection of environmentally responsible and like-minded individuals that work here. The staff has a vast array of expertise and experience who contribute to meaningful work to manage and protect our watershed – my technical skills, benthic experience, passion and enthusiasm are a great fit for Lower Trent Conservation!”

Overall, Jenna is finding that working here is a big adventure and an absolute pleasure!



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