Treevia – Swamps shimmer with silver maples

Silver maple is one of my favourite trees, probably because I associate it with swamp forests and flying squirrels. Silver maples like to grow on rich moist soil along shores of streams and lakes, or even in swamps – just the type of place flying squirrels like hanging out in. Unlike many other trees, silver maples tolerate having their “feet” wet or even underwater for quite a while in the spring. One spring I recall canoeing through a beautiful swamp, paddling a couple meters above the forest floor under a canopy of giant silver maples. All the shed leaves on the forest floor were visible through the water, but seemed ghostly and frozen in time. Those massive trees were used to being flooded and in fact they thrived because of it.


Silver maples are great trees in the swamp or on the front lawn as long as you don’t mind sweeping up copious amounts of fallen leaves and seeds the trees can produce. And just so you know, their aggressive roots have been known to clog many a sewer pipe so plant wisely.

We no longer have silver maple seedlings available for spring 2014, but we still have a few other species available. You can order on-line using our new order form , or just give Ewa a call at 613-394-3915 ext 252 to choose your favourite trees. If you want to be on the tree email list for next spring to get the best selection just email or call us. For all the details please see our website:


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