A Watershed Christmas

“Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the watershedwinter-river
Not a creature was stirring; they’d all gone to bed
The river was nestled all snug in her banks
Not a sign of erosion, for this we give thanks
To the citizens who spent their time planting the trees
And the native wildflowers that attracted the bees

When out near the lake there arose such a clatter
A deer raised its head to see what was the matter
It was merely a dog who barked to get loose
To chase away another pesky Canada goose

The lake how it shimmered
The water, how clean
Its hypolimnion well aerated
Its IBI value a dream

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But signs all around me of people who care
Shoreline homeowners who’d come to their senses
Farmers ensuring their streambanks have fences
Well maintained buffers all planted with trees
Towns and cities installing BMPs

Infiltration! Bioretention!
Sandbed filters and more
To keep dirty stormwater from reaching the shore

With a staff gauge in place at the monitoring station
And the permits acquired for wetland restoration
I marvelled to myself, as I surveyed the scene
Thank goodness for all who keep our watershed clean!


(From our archives – a story worth reposting for this holiday season)

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