Treevia – Eastern White Pine


This majestic evergreen is easy to recognize. Often, these giants poke through a woodland canopy showing off their feathery wind-styled coiffures. Up close, a white pine has long soft needles that come in bundles of five, one needle for each letter in its name: W-H-I-T-E.

Found in most of Ontario, the eastern white pine can grow to be more than 40 m tall. It grows quickly and best in full sunlight. Young trees can tolerate some shade. If you plant it in direct sun it will grow quickly, shading your house, providing privacy or blocking an unsightly view.

Did you know?
Europeans settling in North America couldn’t get enough of these tall straight trees ideal for navy ship masts. The best trees were marked for the King of England with a special blaze (see picture). If you got caught cutting a tree marked for the king, you risked getting flogged and fined!

King's blaze marking on white pine.

If you want to plant your own white pine, Lower Trent Conservation is now taking tree seedling orders for spring 2014. There are 23 species to choose from but they are going fast, so place your order early to get the best selection! You can order on-line using our fancy new order form , or just give Ewa a call at 613-394-3915 ext 252 to choose your favourite trees. For all the details please see our website:

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